You Don’t Have to be a Shark

Create Your Own Success

People always think success comes easybut if you are an entrepreneuryou know how much hard work goes into your business. Being an entrepreneur always comes at a price. The key is to use every challenge that comes your way as a source of motivation.  

Everything I’ve learned over the years has come through my own personal failures. I’m a big believer in falling down 7 times, but getting up 8… I try to relay the importance of being resilient and having the will to win when I’m dealing with my Shark Tank companies, talking to entrepreneurs or interacting with my team at Herjavec Group.  

Now, I want to share my advice and tools of success with all of youThe tool kit below includes links to my three books so you can understand my journey and learn more from my experiences.  

What you do with this information is entirely up to you, but remember – the only thing the world owes you is opportunity. 

To your success,  

You Don’t Have to Be a Shark

You Don’t Have to Be a Shark is filled with personal anecdotes and life lessons you might have learned in business school (or at least you think you might have). By drawing from his own life experiences, Robert teaches readers how to use pure sales techniques to be more successful in every aspect of their lives. Robert’s philosophy is simple: great salespeople are made, not born, and no one achieves success in life without knowing how to sell. You Don’t Have to Be a Shark will teach you all that and more.

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The Will to Win

In his bestselling business book Driven: How to Succeed in Business and in Life, Robert urges his readers to take risks, take control of their lives, and stay true to their own visions. In his second book, The Will to Win, Robert wants to push his readers even further towards greatness. Whether you are seeking to build the next big company in communications technology, to become the most respected teacher in your educational system, or to make a lasting impact as an artist in your field, the most important decision you can make, according to Robert, is to reject mediocrity. In the long run, “good enough” is never good enough, whether in our personal lives or in our careers. Drawing on anecdotes from his own life and from the lives of celebrity friends such as Oprah, Georges St-Pierre and Celine Dion, Robert delivers valuable life lessons that promise to guide readers to greatness.

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Robert Herjavec has lived the classic “rags to riches” story, from having $20 in his pocket to starting up technology companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The son of Croatian immigrants earned his incredible wealth by overcoming the odds with hard work and determination. On television, Robert bankrolls the best inventions and shoots down the best of intentions. Now, he’s sharing his hard-won wisdom in one of the most inspirational business books of recent times.

In Driven, Robert shares the secrets that took him from his job waiting tables to growing his nascent technology company into a world-class conglomerate, Herjavec Group. Robert’s principles are as valuable in the living room as they are in the boardroom. Anyone can succeed, on their own terms, by following his sage but simple advice—if they’re willing to take chances, to take control of their own future and to stay true to their own visions.

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